Virtual Focused Marketing, based in Las Vegas, Nevada, has announced that they have been chosen to participate in the new Amazon Services Seller Beta Program. The program is available by invitation only, and Virtual Focused Marketing is the only to participate in the program. A number of other industries are also being represented in the program.

Rusty McMillen of Virtual Focused Marketing says, “Of course, we’re thrilled that Amazon has reached out to us for this program. Being the only agency of our kind to be asked makes it quite the honor.”

The program is designed to allow businesses to offer professional services on the Amazon marketplace. Everything from diagnostics to installations can be offered, and businesses will be able to set pricing estimates, receive requests from customers, and basically sell their services to customers through Amazon.

“The program will enable us to set our prices for pre-packaged services, such as , and sell that service through Amazon,” McMillen says.

The purpose of the program is to make services available so that customers browsing and shopping on Amazon will see them. When customers purchase products related to a particular service, that service will show up as a related or recommended purchase. Amazon will handle the payment for services and deal with payment issues from customers, so that businesses can focus on providing their services.

Virtual Focused Marketing offers a range of services such as , that they say will be very well advertised on the Amazon marketplace. Currently, they are the only company offering these services to be invited into the program.

The above-mentioned services program is now live and available to customers on the Amazon marketplace. Meanwhile, Virtual Focused Marketing continues to offer their services online to local and nationwide customers through their official 搬瓦工 website. Those interested can learn more about the new Amazon Seller program on the Amazon site or visit Virtual Focused Marketing on their website to get more information about the suite of reputation and marketing services they provide.


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Rusty McMillen
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