Experience the peace of mind of having your online reputation professionally marketed and managed

80% of all online users are going to make a decision whether to business with you based on their first impression of the content they see on the first page of search and on your website. Having proper reputation management procedures in place, will increase sales, customer experience, and the well-being of your business.
Did You Know?

  • 75% of online users are likely to be negatively influenced by unchallenged negative comments and reviews

  • 90% of online users do not go past page 1 of their search results

  • Having readers read at least 1 positive comment about your business can be 89% more effective at gaining a new customer

  • 73% of online shoppers say that positive comments make them trust a business more

  • 80% of online user purchasing decisions are effected by reviews

How We Can Help You

  • Stock the first page of search results to highlight the best aspects of your business

  • Put the images you want to appear on the first page when someone Googles you

  • Continuous monitoring and policing of malicious content to protect your brand

  • Highlight the traits of your business that will gain the trust of the your customers and have a positive impact on sales

  • You never get a second chance to make a first impression. This means having a postive impact on the first content your potential customer see’s across multiple channels, is vital to the long-term success of your business.

  • We continiously monitor your brand across multiple channels and quickly address and mentions by positioning your brand in good light.

  • By highlighting and focusing on the best experiences with your brand, you are able to gain increasing and significant returns, on those efforts.

Build A 5 Star Onlinr Reputation
Monitor All Google Results for Ideal Image
Swiftly Address Any And All Brand Mentions
Promote All Positive Content To 1st Page of Search Results
Create, Post & Rank Video Testimonails
Continued Campiagns To Foster Increased Brand Loyalty
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 Your Reputation is Your Most Valuable Business Asset

What Is Reputation Marketing?

The Internet has come to be one of the most powerful means that businesses all over the globe leverage to market themselves. Online marketing is one of the fastest growing segments on internet and the content is readily available to billions of people around the world. Nevertheless, this kind of access can become harmful for your business if someone decides to publish something negative about you. Regardless of whether it is true or not, this can have a significant effect on your business’s online reputation and in turn that could affect your page rankings and a variety of other things.

Whether it is small or major any amount of tarnishing to your credibility and reputation can destroy a company or individual, but at the very least you could be dealing with a significant financial hit to your bottom line. You never want that to happen to you. Sadly, try as you might to provide the very best quality products and services, you will never be able to please everyone. With so many opportunities to upload disparaging remarks regarding you and your company online, it is difficult to prevent them from making these kind of comments, even if it is not true.

You have worked very hard to build your Business Reputation and a Good, 5 Star Reputation is truly your Businesses Biggest Asset, yes bigger than your inventory of the value of your building. Without a 5 Star Reputation, your inventory or nice building, establishment or offices mean absolutely NOTHING!

Why do you need Reputation Marketing, Your Most Important Asset?

Reputation Marketing Sales Brochure

Online Reputation Marketing Services Deliverables

Package Name 1
Recommended Minimum Duration 9 Months9 Months9 Months9 Months9 Months
Number of Keywords
This consists of a group of words that, when typed in the search engine results pages, lists web pages that have negative or bad press about the individual/company.

The agreed upon target key phrase is what we will be using when optimizing the profiles or web pages we create to push down the unwanted or negative pages.

Month 1 Services
Research and Analysis
Reputation & Keyword Research
Primary Web Reputation Analysis
The initial analysis for Online Reputation Management (ORM) involves collecting information on the popularity, current standing and online reputation of your website.

The data we have gathered at this stage will be our benchmark for the reputation management campaign before the ORM is performed, allowing us to track our progress and address any negative publicity.

Primary Web Reputation Analysis
Upon generating the list of keywords associated to negative or unwanted web pages, the most ideal keywords to target for a particular site will be selected from the list.

The selection of ideal keywords depends on several factors including the competition for a particular keyword and their relevance to your business.

Blog Setup & Link Wheel Setup
Web 2.0 Blog Setups
Through social media platforms, a Web 2.0 site allows users to collaborate as creators or as prosumers (producer-consumers) of user-generated content in a virtual community.

This is in stark contrast to websites, where users (consumers) are limited to the passive viewing of content that was created for them.

We will be setting up and optimizing Web 2.0 Blogs representing your company's website.

Blog Link-Wheel Setup
Link wheel is one of the fastest methods of getting quality backlinks to your site from authority sites.

In theory, a link wheel consists of separate URLs with content and two anchor text links placed within said content. One of the links refers to the site you are trying to rank. The other link will take users to another URL within the wheel.

This particular URL will also have content on it that contains two links: one that sends users to your main site (called the 'money site') and the other to yet another URL within the wheel. This creates a virtual wheel with your main site in the middle and other URLs around it, creating a web of interconnected websites.

After setting up Web 2.0 blogs on the same topic as your main blog or website, we will then write unique, quality articles on each of these mini sites. We will add a link to your main website or blog and another link to one of the other blogs we created to establish the link wheel.

Content Generation
Press Release Writing and Keyword Optimization
This involves writing a fully optimized Press Release that represents the company's latest special promotions or important business updates.

Press Releases are a great way of expanding your brand and exposing any interesting and important news you'd like to share with your target market and audience. Through Press Releases, you are able to announce any company changes using mainstream media outlets.

Press Releases rank incredibly well in the search engines and provide you with a great media outlet tool for your company and any company changes you'd like to share with the general public.

Our Press Releases are 350 words long, properly keyword optimized with the ideal amount of keyword density. Press releases normally target 2-3 keywords so we mention each keyword twice. If the target keyword list is more than 3, we only mention them once so as to not look spammy.
Consequently, we recommend targeting no more than 3 keywords in one press release.

The syndication of these Press Releases provides essential, strong backlinks back to our target pages via keyword anchor text. Our Press Releases are individually strategized and linked back to the corresponding pages of the website.

Article Writing and Keyword Optimization
SEO articles are an essential component to every SEO campaign.

The distribution of keyword optimized articles with an embedded link pointing back to the target website will help to build a strong linking structure.

Our SEO articles are individually strategized and linked back to the corresponding pages of the website.

SEO articles contain around 400 words, the proper keyword density, in-body anchor text (if the submission site allows), and the paragraph structure most effective for SEO purposes.

The SEO articles are written about the keyword subjects themselves and do not reflect the company image unless the company name is chosen as a keyword to target.

Blog Article Writing and Keyword Optimization
Writing a fully optimized blog article that's typically anywhere from 350 words to 400+ words.

The blog posting will act as another web page complete with optimized URL and H1 tags.

In order for the blog post to be of high relevance to the target keywords and, in turn, be distinguished by search engines, the target keywords need to be seamlessly incorporated in the blog article content.,

Our method of inserting keywords involves both meeting SEO requirements and, at the same time, ensuring the resulting keyword optimized content sounds natural to anyone who reads it.

The content written is designed to catch the target audience's attention while expanding the overall site's size using useful and informational content.

Review Building
Review Publication
Upon being furnish with reviews you have collected, we will publish each of them to one of the top review publication websites.

SMO Profile Creation & Optimization
Facebook Setup
Facebook Profile Creation & Optimization
Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites, and it can be a great platform for branding your business and interacting with your audience-but only if you use it correctly!

Your Facebook profile is the information central of your company. This tells other Facebook users who you are and what your business is all about.

We will create and optimize your profile by including interesting and relevant information to attract more users to your profile.

Facebook Page Creation & Optimization
Facebook Pages allow organizations, businesses, celebrities, and brands to communicate to a broader extent with the people who 'like' them.

The main advantages of having Facebook Pages over Facebook Groups are:
- Access: Page information and posts are generally open to everyone on Facebook.
- Audience: Anyone can like a Page to connect with and receive News Feed updates from it. There is no limit to how many people can 'like' a Page.
- Communication and Tracking: Page administrators can share posts under the Pages name. These posts appear in the News Feed of people who 'like' the Page. Administrators can also create customized tabs for easier profile navigation, as well as check Page Insights to track the Page's growth and activity.

To increase your website or company's visibility, we will be creating and optimizing a Facebook Page that's related to your niche. We will make sure that it is always updated with relevant information including your latest events, specials, and promos. All these updates will be presented in a way that will encourage fans and other users to 'like the posts, write testimonials, and help spread the word about your business.

Facebook URL Customization

Facebook allows you to customize your Profile and Page URLs to reinforce your brand and create a marketing platform with a more memorable and personal touch.

Take NOTE that Facebook Profiles automatically qualify for customized URLs, while Facebook Pages must have more than 25 fans to qualify for the same.

Consequently, we will initially customize your Facebook Profile's URL. Once your Facebook Page acquires 25 fans, we will customize its URL, as well. We will make sure that the URLs we create are true to your brand and contain relevant keywords for optimization purposes.

Facebook Optimization
Facebook Profile Update
Your profile updates are your network magnets, which allow you to promote your website and other information you want to share about your business. It directs traffic your way, and, in turn, increases your potential client pool.

You can make updates on Facebook just as you would for Twitter or LinkedIn. These updates appear at the top of your profile, beside your photo. Facebook users can 'like' and even comment on your new profile posts.

Every update you make increases your visibility on the site, especially if it experiences a lot of activity.

We will help you maximize this feature through regular updates that will keep the views, likes, and comments streaming in.

Facebook Fan Page Updates
Much like your Profile, your Page needs constant attention, too. Your fans will most likely visit your Page if they regularly see you in their News Feed.

We will update your Page on a regular basis and make sure that there is always something new and interesting for your fans to see and participate in.

Facebook Groups Joined
Joining groups related to your business gives you an opportunity to expand your network, both of organizations/enterprises and audiences who are interested in the same niche.

This also enhances your Facebook presence since group members can participate in chats, upload photos to shared albums, collaborate on group documents, and invite all members to group events.

We will join groups that are related to your website or company to increase your visibility and give you the opportunity to interact with other group members.

Facebook Discussions
Social networking sites like Facebook are meant for interaction! To maximize the marketing benefits of this platform, you have to engage your audience.

We'll make sure that you're accomplishing that by participating in ongoing discussions. We will be looking for opportunities to comment on other people's status updates and start lively conversations where others can join in.

Facebook Friend Acquisition
Increasing your number of friends makes your updates more visible. This also allows you to increase instances of interaction, since you can send your friends messages as well as post and comment on their walls.

In addition to the steps mentioned above, we will help you increase your number of friends and enhance your update visibility by inviting people that are related to your company or website's niche.

Twitter Setup
Twitter Profile Creation & Optimization
Twitter is a real-time information network that connects you to the latest buzz about the things you find interesting. Having a Twitter account allows you to see what's trending in your niche.

As such, we will create and optimize your profile page to maximize your visibility on the site as well as on major search engines.

Twitter Optimization
Twitter Follower Acquisition1015202535
Misc Service Items
Dedicated IP ServicesYesYesYesYesYes
Analytics Reporting
Social Media DashboardYesYesYesYesYes
Monthly Reporting and Auditing
Internal Report Auditing and AnalysisYesYesYesYesYes
Ranking Report UpdatesYesYesYesYesYes
Work ReportsYesYesYesYesYes
Month 2 & Ongoing Monthly Services
Off Page Research
Pages Indexing Analysis - Google & BingYesYesYesYesYes
Site Authority Analysis - MozRank, Domain AuthorityYesYesYesYesYes
Backlink Count and Referring Domains OverviewYesYesYesYesYes
Competitors Backlink Analysis
Integrative Link Placement ResearchYesYesYesYesYes
Competitive Link FinderYesYesYesYesYes
Content Generation
Press Release Writing and Keyword Optimization22222
Article Writing and Keyword Optimization246812
Blog Article Writing and Keyword Optimization246812
Review Building
Review Publication510152025
Social Media Boosting
Facebook Optimization
Facebook Profile Update
Facebook Fan Page UpdatesYesYesYesYesYes
Facebook Groups Joined246812
Facebook Discussions1020304060
Facebook Friend Acquisition1015202535
Twitter Optimization
Twitter Follower Acquisition1015202535
Off Page SEO Link Building
Press Release Submissions4040404040
Unique Article Submissions100200300400600
Social Bookmarking50100150200300
Web 2.0 Profile Submissions300400500600800
Forum Profile Submissions300400500600800
Competitive Link Building Re-Indexing45065085010501050
RSS Feed Creation and Submission 45065085010501050
Misc Service Items
Dedicated IP ServicesYesYesYesYesYes
Monthly Reporting and Auditing
Internal Report Auditing and AnalysisYesYesYesYesYes
Ranking Report UpdatesYesYesYesYesYes
Work ReportsYesYesYesYesYes

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