LinkedIn Marketing Services

Here are our Social Media Optimization – LinkedIn Packages designed to help your business succeed further.

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Why Do You Need Social Media Presence like LinkedIn?

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LinkedIn Setup and Design

Package Name Setup & Design
Social Media Optimization - LinkedIn
One Time Service Time for Completion - One Month
SMO Profile Creation, Design & Optimization
LinkedIn Setup
LinkedIn Profile Creation & Optimization Yes
Branded Content Writing for LinkedIn Profile Yes
LinkedIn Profile Information Population Yes
Website Social Integration
Social Sharing and Social Interaction Buttons Installed on Website Yes
Miscellaneous Service Items
Dedicated IP Services Yes
Reporting and Auditing
Internal Report Auditing and Analysis Yes
Work Reports Yes

LinkedIn Marketing Services Packages

Package Name Small
Social Media Optimization - LinkedIn
Social Media Optimization - LinkedIn
Social Media Optimization - LinkedIn
Recommended Minimum Duration - can run for one month only, if desired 6 Months6 Months6 Months
Social Media Services Breakdown
LinkedIn Marketing
LinkedIn Updates 51015
Backlink Building from Updates
LinkedIn Discussions 102030
Backlink Building from Discussions YesYesYes
LinkedIn Groups Joined 246
LinkedIn Connections Reachout 101520
Misc. Service Items
Dedicated IP Services YesYesYes
Reporting and Auditing
Internal Report Auditing and Analysis YesYesYes
Work Reports YesYesYes