Twit­ter CEO offers an olive branch while defend­ing new pol­icy

A new, free tool offered by Twit­ter allows for man­ual curat­ing and repub­lish­ing of tweets. ?-More-?See all sto­ries on this topic »

Face­book teams with to deliver tar­geted ads:

Face­book is part­ner­ing with to deliver tar­geted ads. ?-More-?See all sto­ries on this topic »

Face­book using data match­ing to track users

Face­book is using data match­ing to track whether peo­ple bought items adver­tised on the social net­work, via a part­ner­ship with?-More-?See all sto­ries on this topic »

Define the Data or Die Rev­e­la­tions from Big Busi­ness in a Social Era

Define the data or die…that seems to be the big “take away” les­son learned from a recent sur­vey con­ducted by the Econ­o­mist Intel­li­gence Unit. How impor­tant is data? Nearly 50% of cor­po­ra­tions that sig­nif­i­cantly out­per­form their peers have a well defined data strategy…4x the num­ber who per­form on par with their peers. It&#821See all sto­ries on this topic »

How to Use Face­book Tar­geted Posts to Improve Your Face­book Engage­ment

Are you look­ing for cre­ative ways to improve your Face­book engage­ment? By nar­row­ing the peo­ple who see your posts, you can actu­ally get more engage­ment. It sounds coun­ter­in­tu­itive, but it works when done right. What Are Face­book Tar­geted Posts? As you may know, Face­book recently intro­duced a lim­ited roll­out of Enhanced Page Post Tar­get­ing. At […]See all sto­ries on this topic »

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