Firms update poli­cies as social media tech­nolo­gies evolve

Com­pa­nies increas­ingly feel the need to update their social media poli­cies on a reg­u­lar basis to account for new net­works and?-More-?See all sto­ries on this topic »

Study: 25% of Twit­ter users have never tweeted

A quar­ter of Twit­ter users have never sent a tweet, and use the site as a source of infor­ma­tion rather than to broad­cast or d?-More-?See all sto­ries on this topic »

Com­mu­nity Build­ing: How to Grow With the Power of Peo­ple

Does your busi­ness have an active com­mu­nity? Would you like to build a com­mu­nity to sup­port your busi­ness? To explore these top­ics, I inter­view John Jantsch for this episode of the Social Media Mar­ket­ing pod­cast. More About This Show The Social Media Mar­ket­ing pod­cast is a show from Social Media Exam­iner. It’s designed to help busy […]See all sto­ries on this topic »

Social media is a big win­ner in 2012 elec­tions, researchers say

Social media is play­ing an increas­ingly impor­tant role in the U.S. polit­i­cal process, two new reports argue. ?-More-?See all sto­ries on this topic »

Face­book fans really like the Bugatti (which they prob­a­bly can’t afford)

?-More-?See all sto­ries on this topic »

Mar­keters say social TV is start­ing to pay div­i­dends

Some trail­blaz­ing TV shows — such as “Late Night with Jimmy Fal­lon” and “The X Fac­tor” — are inte­grat­ing social media into ?-More-?See all sto­ries on this topic »

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