Brands get in on surge in “cines“

An appli­ca­tion that allows users to ani­mate por­tions of stills from video is grow­ing quickly and catch­ing the atten­tion of ma?-More-?See all sto­ries on this topic »

Is Google a ghost town or a boom­town

Many brands are invest­ing heav­ily in Google+, and a num­ber have fol­low­ings of more than a mil­lion users. ?-More-?See all sto­ries on this topic »

Flip­board says user base exceeds 20 mil­lion

Flip­board says it has 20 mil­lion users, a level reached by big-name social appli­ca­tions such as Spo­tify. ?-More-?See all sto­ries on this topic »

4 Steps to Trans­form Your Brand Into a Social Busi­ness

Do you lis­ten to cus­tomer con­ver­sa­tions about your brand online? If so, how do you respond to those con­ver­sa­tions? Lis­ten­ing on the social web isn’t hard to do. What’s hard is cre­at­ing an effec­tive response sys­tem so that when some­thing goes wrong (and it will!), a cri­sis can be averted, or at least resolved quickly […]See all sto­ries on this topic »

Intro­duc­ing Face­book Sto­ries The Social Site Youve Never Seen!

Have you used Face­book Sto­ries yet? Do you intend to inte­grate it into your social media mar­ket­ing strat­egy? If you  are sit­ting there scratch­ing your head won­der­ing what on earth Face­book Sto­ries can even be found…well, you aren’t alone. it’s lit­er­ally only days old and unlike all prior prod­uct release updates, this one is not [See all sto­ries on this topic »

The Inter­net, for bet­ter or for worse, has become the new town hall for pol­i­tics that many over-eager futur­ists said it would be in the ‘90s. At long last, it’s now a place where cur­rent and future can­di­dates have to stop, even if they don’t want to.

Eric John­son, writ­ing at All Things D?-More-?See all sto­ries on this topic »

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