15 Ways 15 Sec­ond Videos Can Trans­form Your Social Media Response Rates

Can a 15 sec­ond video really make much of a dif­fer­ence in social media response rates? As a lead­ing social media man­age­ment firm we are in a great posi­tion to answer that ques­tion with a resounding…Maybe! You see, the ques­tion is a bit com­plex. With­out a doubt, when prop­erly cre­ated, even a 15 sec­ond video […]See all sto­ries on this topic »

9 Tips for Run­ning Suc­cess­ful Face­book Con­tests

Have you con­sid­ered using a Face­book con­test? These days, it seems like just about every­one is giv­ing away some­thing on Face­book. iPad or $100 gift cer­tifi­cate, any­one? Keep read­ing to learn nine tips for mak­ing Face­book con­tests more suc­cess­ful. Do Con­tests Really Work? Some busi­ness own­ers rec­og­nize that con­tests can increase the num­ber of peoplSee all sto­ries on this topic »

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